Vyškov´s Grammar School CanSat Team

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3rd Meetup

Meetup n°3 was set to the Gymnázium a SOŠZE Vyškov´s opened day since 11 o´clock. The main task for this day was testing the parachute. This experiment was even interupted by a funny, when the parachute nearly hit car of one of the teachers. The second part was all dedicated to meet with graphic designer to discus our logo and the website look. It´s needed to say, that setting for the opened day helped our propagation and familirized many people with this competition.

Why are we doing it?

Our civilisation is changing the world not in entirely good way. Industrial polution changes the air causing the climatic change. And it´s a scary vision of the world with summer temperatures way over 40°C, without any snow what so ever throughout the winter and natural disasters getting worse and worse.

2nd Meetup

On Friday 16th of November we have had our officialy second meeting. The main discusion was about the websites domain as well as its´ design and overall look. We have not had all the parts needed to start programming or constructing the hardware, on the other hand, we were solving the landing mechanism and ordered the 700 mm parachute.

1st Meetup

Our first meetup was more about introduction. We began with the distribution of the tasks. Then the rules were presented to us by our teacher, who was in Prague on the meeting of all the Czech teams. After that we talked about our roles in team and then finished the meeting

What CANSAT is?

CanSat is an international for high schools students. Our main goal is to build a probe, wich will then be sent by a rocket or drone into a height of 1 Km. In the process of returning, the probe will be sending the meassured data in real time to the ground base. Our European version was inspired by the original one in USA and Japan. The status of this competition is proved by its´ mastermind- European Space Agency.

Thanks a lot to all of our sponsors

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